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Value added services

We complement the smooth flow of goods with additional services for individual industries, including pre-assembling equipment, adding labels to textile products and stocking display units. Moovit’s services create added value in the following areas:


Welcome to Simply Exceptional Solutions LLC, where we redefine logistics excellence. Our complete services optimize your operations and enhance efficiency.


Rely on Simply Exceptional Solutions LLC for trustworthy haulage services. Our skilled drivers and reliable fleet ensure your cargo arrives safely and on time.

Custom Brokeage

We simplify customs clearance, ensuring seamless cross-border movement. Our experts handle paperwork, duties, and tariffs so you can grow your business.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services

We offer reliable non-emergency medical transport services for corporate events, airport transfers, and special occasions. Trust us for efficient transportation solutions.


Our consulting services empower businesses to excel in the dynamic logistics and transportation industry. Our experienced team provides expert guidance to streamline operations and drive growth.

Virtual Call Center Solutions

Our innovative virtual call center solutions cater to businesses' changing needs. We offer flexible, cost-effective services to streamline customer support and boost satisfaction.

Pick and choose among our value added services

Our global team of warehousing and distribution experts can help you to configure best kit of value added services in accordance to your needs and include them as part of our value proposition. You can approach them by direct contacting your Moovit Sales Representative.


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Stop worrying about any shipping problems. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.